The Stickman takes on Loch Ness (Marathon)

By Hugh Creamer

I've joined the fight against Parkinson's

A veteran of 46 marathons, I was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease (PD) at the ripe old age of 70, and while this will no doubt eventually curtail my competing in my favourite event, I am still able to undertake regular training, albeit over much shorter distances and at a slower pace! So, I now treat every marathon as potentially my last, but at least I have a ready-made excuse for finishing my marathons in slow times.
It is also my avowed intention to join in the fight against PD, and to this end I plan to take the Loch Ness run (on the 2nd of October) as an opportunity to raise funds for this fight, and your support in my endeavours to challenge PD will be greatly appreciated. All donations will go directly to Fight Parkinson's.
As I was born in Scotland (Glasgow) and raised in Australia (a Scaussie), I thought that before I finally hang up my Spartans Hall of Fame shirt, I should run at least one marathon in the country of my birth. And what better location to do this than along the shores of Loch Ness, finishing in the beautiful city of Inverness.
I have been running marathons for 43 years, having completed 46 in that time including: - 32 Melbourne, 3 London, 1 New York, 1 Paris, 1 Bordeaux - 24 sub 3 hour, 14 sub 4 hour - Fastest 2 hr 30mins 2 secs (missed it by that much)
I would also like to thank my family and friends for all their support over the years, without which I would never have completed all my marathons, with special thanks to all my road crews & family waiting at the finish with that bottle of champagne!
Stickman (aka Hugh)

My Updates

We did it

Thursday 6th Oct
Many thanks to all of my wonderful supporters, your encouragement and donations are greatly appreciated. We managed to finish the toughest of my 47 marathons in a Personal Worst (PW not PB) time of 6hrs 35mins. However I could not have managed without your support and we have managed to raise just over $2,500 towards our fight against Parkinsons. 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Bruce Evans

Great effort from Dad.


Rachel Day

Good Luck Hugh Best Wishes, Rae & Brian


Emily Creamer

Go Stickman Go!! Proud of you Dad xo


Paul Lye


John & Vicki Dellamarta

Go Huey .. need a water man ???


Laura Dillon


Maureen Curtis

Fantastic well done best of luck.


Sarsha & Marnie

All the best in Loch Ness Huie. xx