In Memory of Linda Di Federico nee Morelli

By Lisa Chiavaroli

I've created this page in memory of a loved one

Our family has decided to create this page in memory of our beloved mother and grandmother, Linda Di Federico nee Morelli, to help raise funds for Fight Parkinson's. 

As you know, Linda suffered from Parkinson's disease for well over 30 years. While she was of sound mind to the day of her death, Parkinson's took away her ability to control her body and its movements. Daily tasks were exhausting and eventually, she was wheelchair-bound and dependent on others for her care. More research is needed to find treatment options that give sufferers of Parkinson's disease a better quality of life for longer.

Fight Parkinson’s is a leading source of specialised health information, advice, and services for those in the Parkinson's community. Through research, education, and support, they strive to improve the lives of people living with Parkinson’s or Atypical Parkinson’s (PSP, MSA and CBS).

Thus, in lieu of flowers or other gifts to the family, we would ask you to donate to Fight Parkinson's so that we can better the lives of those who may suffer from Parkinson's in the future. Any amount contributed will be greatly appreciated and support this cause.

Thank you for your support and generosity to this cause in memory of Linda.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Chiavaroli Family


Bortoletto Families

In memory of Linda. The Bortoletto Families


Anna Negro

May you find peace knowing that Linda is now in God’s care.


Annette And Les

Thank you for sharing your wonderful memories. You would have made your Nonna proud