Our 40th Birthday Fundraiser!

By Alice & Oscar

The ultimate birthday gift, sorted!

Well, this year we've both finally hit the big Four-O!

And with gratitude for all we already have, in lieu of gifts, we think donations to this wonderful charity will go much further. It's not just any charity however...as of recently, this one holds special meaning to our family.

Do we have 40 friends who can spare $40* for our 40th birthday to help us reach our fundraising goal?

(*on average, of course! Any amount is very appreciated - less, more, every bit counts)


As some of you may know, last year Alice's dad was diagnosed with MSA-C (Multiple System Atrophy - Cerebellar type), a particularly rare Atypical Parkinson-like condition.

MSA is a rare and progressive neurological condition that affects multiple parts of the brain, affecting movement and balance, along with automatic functions of the body such as blood pressure regulation. 

There's no treatment, no cure, and no means of halting progression - only ways to manage the symptoms as they increase in severity. 

Dad was undiagnosed for over a year from the dramatic onset of his symptoms, undergoing myriad tests and hospital visits, due to the rarity of his condition and lack of awareness amongst medical professionals. His eventual diagnosis brought relief from the uncertain limbo, and sadness at the realisation of a difficult journey ahead.

MSA affects approximately 1 in 10,000 people (about 2,500 or so in Australia), though Dad's type is even less common. Though the number is relatively small, it obviously also affects the lives of those around them, like yours truly, over a period of several years as we learn to navigate the ever changing symptoms. 

Fight Parkinson’s is a leading source of specialised health information, advice, and services for those in the Parkinson's community. With a dedicated commitment to research, education, and support, they strive to support people living with Parkinson’s or Atypical Parkinson’s (including MSA) to live full and active lives for as long as possible, as well as provide support and resources to families and carers.

Please consider supporting this charity - and us - by giving generously for our birthday through making a tax deductible donation. 

The more people that know about this organisation, the greater their impact, so please feel free to spread the word by sharing this page with others. Even during a recent hospitalisation for a few days over New Year's, hospital staff were unaware of MSA and "reading up on it" to learn about it and manage his treatment. So every bit of awareness raising counts!  

We are so appreciative of the support of our village of friends and family - now and in the future. Thank you in advance for your kindness and generosity, it truly means a lot to us.

Alice & Oscar ❤️

My Updates

We're half way there!

Thursday 15th Feb
We are SO grateful. We have passed the half way mark of our very ambitious fundraising goal! We have an incredible village of friends and family.

As Dad/Sean settles in Melbourne, we have been gradually building his care team. Neuros, GPs, physios, OTs, domestic assistants and more...it feels like a never ending list as we wait patiently to work our way up long waiting lists for care. The experience has opened our eyes to the strain on the aged care system. Luckily, though the prognosis isn't good in the long term, we have the gift of time at the moment to still enjoy making fun family memories whilst we wait for all the pieces of the care-team puzzle to fall into place.

Wishing Dad/Sean and family "Kung Hei Fat Choi" (congratulations & wishing you a prosperous new year) felt a little different this year, knowing that each year will inevitably get a little harder. It deepens one's understanding of what prosperity truly means. We can't hold ourselves physically capable forever, but we can hold our spirits high always.

Thanks again to the sponsors so far. Our family will need to lean on orgs like Fight Parkinson's more and more over the coming years. So we really mean it, when we say it means a lot to us. 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Rachael And Damien

Happy Birthday!


Bobby & Yalda Sabetzadeh

Happy 40th birthday guys! It’s awesome that we’re supporting such a wonderful cause in honour of your special milestone birthdays. Wishing you both and your dad all the best.


Shiva Adely

Happy birthday to you both!! your efforts to support your dad are truly incredible and heartwarming. May your birthdays continue to be filled with beautiful memories filled with joy and laughter with your whole family x


Jonalyn & James

Happy Birthday you two! What a beautiful family Sean has 😍


Nadia Keisho

Happy 40th birthday you two lovebirds! I'm so saddened to hear about your Dad, I had no idea. I hope this helps in some small way and thanks for educating me about MSA, I had never heard of it before. Sending lots of love from my heart to yours.



In 1973 I met and became friends with Jane McLachlan and Chew Sin Yung, before they united in marriage. I have since met their lovely daughters and seen them grow into wonderful women. Although Jane and Chew separated, they have both remained dear friends of mine. I was able to catch up with Chew when he was living in Singapore and more recently in Sydney and singing together in choral festivals. Over this time Chew has changed his name several times and I have learned to adjust to the new guises. It is distressing to hear of the challenge he and the family now face. Having met and been friends with friends who faced varying forms of dementia, including Parkinsons, I am happy to add to the fund raiser. Love and hugs to you both.


Ket Family


Engela Van Der Klashorst

A very happy 40th!


Pepe Gómez

Lo siento mucho


Ava Bargi

Much love to your family and to Sean. Happy birthdays gorgeous couple🌹


Alf & Giselle

You are so precious, Sean. Prayers, love and blessings are coming your way from Alf and I


Daniel Smith

Happy 40th, you two lovely legends! Xx


Caitlin Koller

Happy birthday buddies! My dad has Parkinson's, so I can understand the struggle. Best of luck with the rest of the fund raising! Xx


Kate Keary

To Alice and Oscar, wishing you the happiest of birthdays and all the best for your fabulous 40s. Thank you for being so kind and welcoming. Thinking of you as you support your Dad though this time. Hoping you have a wonderful celebration and feel the love - you certainly deserve it. Tom & Kate xx


Alice & Oscar


Lindsey, Jess And Remi X

Welcome to the best decade (!) and what a wonderful cause to support. Hope you reach your goal! X


Lorraine And Alan Manifold


Pantea Makhmalbaf


Sam Payne

Happy birthday and welcome to the fabulous forties. 🎉Hope you exceed your target for this very worthy cause. ❤️


Sanae Arnavas

Happy 40th Birthday, Alice and Oscar! 🎉🎈 Wishing you both a fantastic night filled with laughter, joy, and unforgettable memories as you celebrate this milestone. It’s been lovely getting to know you this past year. Sending strength and best wishes to your Dad, as he bravely fights Parkinson’s disease. Cheers to you both - Sanae and Daniel 🥳🎂🎉


Rene Sephton


Jess And Mark Suggs

Sorry to hear about your father.... as someone who watched the gradual fade I pray it isnt too traumatic and pain free.


Neha Singh

Wishing you both a very Happy 40th birthday. What a great way to celebrate this milestone! Sending love and prayers💞


Milad And Elle Kruze

Happy Birthday to you both and sending all our love and well wishes to your dad, Alice.


Roya Dab

Sending lots of love and prayers to your dad and Happy Birthday ! X


Melissa Edwards

Happy birthday to both of you!


Catherine Gioules

Wishing your Dad all the best. Very hard for all the family. Love Catherine and Martin


Angus And Niyoosha Williams

Happiest of birthdays to you wonderful humans. What a great cause you are getting behind. As someone who often nurses patients with MSA/Parkinsons, I hope this raises more awareness! Love to your family xx


Monika Rahulan

Sending lots of love!!